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 Shomal University at a Glance




Shomal University was founded in 1995 and is the biggest non-governmental university in Iran, fully accredited by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. Through the National University Entrance Exam conducted by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology, 124 students were accepted to attend under graduate courses in the two fields of Accountancy and Computer Engineering from the academic year 1995-1996. The university has striven and continues to strive to provide a superior   educational environment for our students and to train them to be industrious, well-educated and intelligent students that prioritize scientific edification in their whole lives. Such students can contribute to the scientific, economic, cultural, political and social development of their motherland and the future needs of society.
At present the university caters to over 6000 students in 55 different courses at under-graduate and graduate levels. Approximately 400 teaching  staff are committed to providing an enhanced and innovative education. The original university was located in the city of Amol. In 1997 the university moved to a larger building as the number of students and courses increased. During the first academic year the educational activities were conducted in the building located at 17 Shahrivar Square . Then, with the advancement of educational activities in 1998, the classes were transferred again to Ma'arfat educational complex building, situated at 26, Talib Amoli Street , Amol. 
At Imamzadeh Abdullah Junction (5 kilometers out of Amol), in 2000, the master plan for the Pardis university campus was designed, and on forested, hilly terrain (76000 sq m) overlooking the Haraz River and back grounded by the Alborz mountain range,  construction work started in full swing.
In 2002 construction for a guest house, main office building and Physical Education complex building were completed and commissioned for official use. In 2003 a further two major constructions were added providing more classes, workshops and laboratory space.
In 2005 construction began on a new, modern Communications and Information Technology building. It has been designed with full consideration to today's needs in advancing technology and is fully equipped with the most up-to-date computer hardware and machinery.
With the increase each year in the number of courses held at the university so the number of students' increases and as the need arises new buildings and constructions will be added.
SUA is a progressive institution having great ties with the national industry. Their expectations are that our students be taught current and prospective courses throughout the academic sessions with high standard of education by excellent and outstanding professors and academic staff.
The campus atmosphere, as expressed repeatedly by newly arriving students, is always attractive with a most excellent educational environment. It is observed, whether in class or conducting lab research, the academic staff is always available for extra help and guidance to the students. The locale of the campus gives a calm, quiet and peaceful educational atmosphere.
SUA is a co-educational institution and is highly praised for its high disciplinary status in the country. At present 6000 students are enrolled in different fields.






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