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        Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences

The department of physical education and sport sciences of Shomal University is empowered by learned professors, competent managers and premium facilities. As a feature at Shomal University, this department currently offers courses at various levels of Associate Degree to PhD.

Scholars in humanities and social sciences unanimously agree on the significance of sports and physical education. Sports play a pivotal role in comprehensive development of human and fostering and actualizing his/her aptitudes. Moreover, sports result in social well-being and reduce social harms. Accordingly, Shomal University has endeavored to provide the faculty with the premium-quality sport facilities for the related courses offered at the faculty. The Shomal Mar`sh Athletic Complex that is fully equipped with the cutting-edge facilities is at disposal of the students and the personnel. A brief overview of the Mar`ash Athletic Complex and the sport facilities is presented in this website.

  • Sport Science - Strategic management in organizations & sporting events /PhD

  • Sports Physiology - Physical Activity & Health /MSc

  • Sports Physiology - Applied Sports Physiology /MSc

  • Sports Physiology - Strategic Management in Sports Organizations /MSc

  • Sport Science - Sports Biology /BSc

  • Sport Science - Management & Planning /BSc (2 Years)

  • Sport Science /AD  



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