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Faculty of Engineering and Technology =>
The Faculty of Engineering and Technology was one of the first faculties of Shomal University and conducts courses (undergraduate and graduate) in all engineering fields. In 1996 the faculty started with only undergraduate Computer Engineering and acceptance to this was on condition of passing the National University Entrance Exam conducted by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Further courses are now offered in the fields of Civil Engineering, Communications, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Architecture. As demand requires, new courses are constantly being offered and each year registration is being increased.

Faculty of Humanities and Social Science =>
The students are admitted to this faculty and other affiliated faculties through entrance exam conducted by Ministry of Science, Research and  Technology.

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science =>
Physical Education and training for the human body along with the other engineering fields is of great importance in creating a perfect society, and in reducing reducing other dangerous social Hazards. The faculty is fully equipped with all the required physical training equipment and provides all sports facilities to the students. Through Ministry of Science, Research and Technology's permission the faculty is authorized to conduct graduate courses in Physical Education and Sport Science Management.


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