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City of Amol

Amol is a city in northern Iran, in the province of Mazandaran. Amol is an historical city, with it's age dating back to the Amards. Amards were the people living in the area before Aryans. Some  believe  that the city's name is derived from same Amard word.

In the  5th century AH,  Khawja  Nezam-ul-mulk Toosi,  in  his  famous book named .

"Seer-ul- moluok" recommended creation of modern institutions by the name of Nezamiah  with academic status in the big famous cities of Islamic world as  Balkh, Baghdad, Damascus, Neshapour, and Bukhara.  The name of  Amol was also included among them.

One of  the notable and famous personalities from Amol is Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari, a well known and world famous persian historian and exegete.


Geographical  Location

Amol  is  located on the banks of Haraz River  26 25'N 52 21'E. at an altitude of 76 m above sea. It is about 18 km  from the Caspian  sea  and about 10 km  from the northern Alborz mountains. It is 180 km from the Iranian capital, Tehran, with a picturesque  drive  through  Haraz Road.  Sari, the capital of Mazandaran is  70 km east of Amol. Mount Damavand, 5610 m, the highest peak in the Middle East, is located south  of Amol. 

Amol and its suburbs has an estimated population of 350 000 and the city has a population of approximately 160 000. Its area is approximately 3185 square kilometers.



City weather is usually similar to that of other towns and cities of Mazandran. In summer it is hot and humid and in winter  it is mild. Maximum rainfall is usually  in the month of December and minimum in the month of July.

Historical  and  Touristic Attractions

Some of the historical and tourist attractions of the city are:

1. Mashed Mir Boor shrine,(Shrine of Mir Ghavamudin Marashi, the marashi  dynasty in Mazandran )
2. Mir Heydar Amoli
3. Emamzadeh Ebrahim
4. Emamzade Ghassem,
5. Emamzadeh  Abdollah shrine,
6. Nasirulhagh  Hasan bin Ali  shrine
7. Mowlana Seyed Wali, in Niak
8. Davaazdah Cheshmeh bridge,
9. Malek Bahman castle in Shahandasht
10. Mirza Kouchek khan Natural Park ( 20km on Heraz Road)
11. Ab Ask and Abgarm Larijan hot springs,
12. Lar tulip valley, and mount Damavand, the highest peak in the Middle East.
13. New natural Parks ( under construction)

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